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Why PM Must Quit!
by Rajinder Puri Bookmark and Share
As early as August when the CBI net started closing in on Telecom Minister A. Raja the latter defended himself. He said that the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) was kept abreast of all policy decisions related to the allocation of Spectrum licenses related to the 2g scam. Yesterday Chennai based The Hindu daily newspaper released the correspondence between the Prime Minister and the Telecom Minister. It would be a reasonable inference that the correspondence was leaked by DMK sources. The letters vindicate Raja’s claim that the PM was in the loop.
On November 2, 2007 Raja wrote that because of the unprecedented license applications a cut-off date of 1st October had been announced. But “now the Department has decided…processing of applications received up to 25th September 2007. That is, the date when the news item on announcement of cut-off date appeared in the newspapers. The procedure for processing the remaining applications will be decided at a later date.”   
By conventional democratic norms for a scam of this magnitude the PM would have resigned by accepting constructive responsibility. However in our system constructive responsibility does not seem to exist. Unless the minister is caught with his own hand in the till, he is deemed innocent. But the released correspondence between Raja and the PM suggests more than violating the constructive responsibility principle. PM had full knowledge of what was being done.
On November 2nd the PM replied: “I would request you…to ensuring fairness and transparency and let me know the position before you take any further action in this regard.”  Nowhere in this letter or in his subsequent letter did the PM ask why the applications received before 25th September were processed disregarding the announced cut-off date to be October 1st.
On November 2nd itself Raja shot his second letter stating: “full transparency is being maintained by my Ministry and I further assure you the same in the future also.” He was right. He transparently rubbished the government’s cut-off date of October 1st by catering to applications received before September 25th. The PM never questioned this. 
On December 26th Raja wrote again to the PM: “Kindly refer to my letters dated 2.11.2007, and subsequent personal discussions with you on various issues related to the Telecom sector. As discussed with you I also had several discussions with the External Affairs Minister, who is also heading the GOM on vacation of spectrum on these issues.”
This correspondence should leave no doubt that Raja spoke the truth when he claimed that his decisions had the approval of the PMO. Therefore if Raja is guilty of misdemeanor the PM was his accomplice and was equally guilty. Perhaps that is why the correspondence has been leaked. The DMK is saying: “If Raja goes, everybody goes.” 
By conventional democratic norms for a scam of this magnitude the PM would have resigned by accepting constructive responsibility. However in our system constructive responsibility does not seem to exist. Unless the minister is caught with his own hand in the till, he is deemed innocent. But the released correspondence between Raja and the PM suggests more than violating the constructive responsibility principle. PM had full knowledge of what was being done.

Regardless of whether he colluded willingly with Raja because of the compulsions of coalition politics or because of pressure from an unconstitutional centre of power, Dr Manmohan Singh’s position as Prime Minister has become untenable. He must resign. 
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Article Comment Dear Shri Puri, Namaste, Thanks for clarification.
Kanayalal Raina
Article Comment I am truly astonished by Mr Raina! Where in my article have I opposed the functioning of parliament or supported the setting up of the JPC? As a matter of fact I disapprove the opposition's tactics and think the PAC should be allowed to function. My article deals solely with the relationship between the PM and A. Raja revealed by newly released correspondence dated 2007. Indians should try to get out of seeing things only through the prism of the government versus opposition syndrome and judge issues objectively. Both the government and the opposition are equally deplorable.
My Word
Article Comment I totality disagree with the Rajender Puri views. Parliament is the best forum to keep a watch on and improve the functioning of the Government. Parliament is at the centre of our democratic edifice. One wonders what kind of politics the opposition believes in when they do not have faith even in Parliament.

CAG report on the 2 G spectrum is being examined by the PAC which itself is a Joint Parliamentary Committee presided over by a senior leader of the BJP. Dr. Murli Manohar Joshi. The PAC has all the powers which can be given to a JPC and the PAC is the acknowledged watchdog of any financial impropriety or misconduct. The PAC's report will be placed before Parliament and will be debated in Parliament. The government is obliged to take action on the recommendations of the PAC. Government is of the considered view that in the background of multifaceted action now in place no purpose will be served by a JPC, except to delay the inquiry and politicize the matter.

The BJ P has been falsely propagating that the UPA government is against the JPC because we do not want the Prime Minister to be questioned by a Parliamentary Committee, thereby implying that Dr Singh has something to hide. Has he any thing to hide? Refering his statement to at the AICC session recerly he stated categorically that he has nothing to hide from the public at large and as a proof of his bonafides he intended to write to the Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee that he shall be happy to appear before the PAC if it chooses to ask him to do so. As Prime Minister of this great country for six and a half years, he has tried to serve the country to the best of his ability.
Kanayalal Raina
Article Comment Sir,
1) Subramaniam Swami has already mentioned that 60% of the money was paid to Sonia's sisters in Italy
2) Arun Shourie is on record that nothing can possibly escape the notice of a vigilant PM. He cites clear personal examples. A tainted minister, A.Raja, was re-appointed, despite everything.
3) For what it is worth,Madhu Kishwar has clearly said that the premise that the PM is "extraordinarily honest" is completely unfounded.
4) Several blogs , including Atanu Dey's blog, clearly show that the PM was never clean
5) It appears that even the 1991 Economic Reforms was Mr. Narasimha Rao's idea; Singh came up with an utterly ordinary budget which was then changed at Rao's behest.
6) This has got to be the worst Indian government EVER.
7) Non-action in Singrur against CPM goons, appointment of tainted President (Patil), tainted CEC Chawla, tainted CVC Thomas, appointment of a pathetic Home Minister (Shivraj Patil followed by Chidambaram) failure and complete mismanagement of CWG, diplomatic blunders against Pakistan, repeated non-performance by many ministers including the Ministers for Civil Aviation and Agriculture, EVM scam, non-action in Satyam case, complete failure to deal with CAG reports, complete failure in JNK, failure to deal with violence against Indians in Australia, failure to deal with Somali piracy and occupation of remote Lakshadweep islands by Pakistani terrorists, non--action against spreading Islamic terrorism in India, failure to follow-up 26/11 effectively, non-action against Maoists..... the list is endless.
The Kkkangress with Sonia, Rahul and Singh need to be out of power for a very, very long time.
Article Comment Mr. Puri has reached his conclusion according to conventional logic - Mr. Singh (the Lion) and his likes do not respect any convention - they will act according to the law of the jungle.
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