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Dukh Mein Simran Sab Kare, Sukh Mein Kare Na Koye
Jo Sukh Mein Simran Kare, Tau Dukh Kahe Ko Hoye


In anguish everyone prays to Him,
in joy does none
To One who prays in happiness,
how can sorrow come

My Understanding

Let someone suddenly wave his hand in front of your eyes and you will see that the eyes blink.  And if you are caught unawares, you may just say 'O my God'!

Such is the nature of mankind.  When we are in distress, in a state of helplessness, we invariably then look up in the skies and communicate with Him in our own silent prayer.  However, when things are going good, we forget Him. Kabir in this doha highlights this and gives a promise when he says that we shall not suffer if we pray to Him during our good times.


Rajender Krishan
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Comments on this Doha
Comment Once you realize your trueself " Sat Chit Anand". You are not body. There is no question of Dukh and Sukh. Kabir Doha is meant for people who are still associating them self with the body. Who has become Sakshi, there is no Sukh or Dukh.
Umesh Suri
Comment thanks kabir ji for making dohas of my name
Comment Certainly true! These Dohas by Sant Kabir is a timeless treasure. Sukh mein sumiran does not mean, that bad times will not befall on a person. Joys and sorrows are part of life, no doubt. But one who can always meditate (in the real sense, not superficially) on the Supreme (SELF or Atma), will go beyond the opposite pairs. Those opposite experiences will not perturb that person in any circumstance.

As Lord Krishna Himself has said in Shrimad Bhagwad Gita (English translation by Shri Purohit Swami ji):

Even in this world they conquer their earth-life whose minds, fixed on the Supreme, remain always balanced.

He who knows and lives in the Absolute remains unmoved and unperturbed; he is not elated by pleasure or depressed by pain.

He finds happiness in his own Self, and enjoys eternal bliss.
Comment Sir,

My son, Vedant a student of std 7, about 12 years of age, was instructed by his teacher, to report his findings on what he understands of Kabir.

Although, I keep discussing the core values, of the Dohas, I would find it difficult to bring those concepts to the level where he could understand and appreciate its value and incorporate them in his life.

While helping him with his research, I came accross this site and left him to work on his own, as I realised that there could not have been a better way than to let him go through your website and experience enlightenment.

As he was going through each doha, he came across Sai itna deejiye..., and discussed at length with me what he understood between greed and contentment, I could not believe that he could nearly appreciate how greed influences a person

As a father, to me, this is a indication that he is scaling up in the right direction, and I cannot take away from you the credit for facilitating this enlightenment.

I want acknowledge you, for bring Kabir so close to influencing this young boy that he has appreciated the value of contentment and gratitude of receiving.

You shall always be in our prayers.
Comment Krishan Jee,
You have done a great service to those who admire Kabir, his poetry and no less the message within. The simplicity of the message and straight appeal of the language is simply matchless. Considering the age he wrote, and the courage he had to swim agains the current of times make him one of the rarest gems of poets with a message.
I must salute to your labour for love of Kabir. Can you do same in relation to Meera, Surdaas and other Bhaghats. Mind you i am not a religious person, and hardly go to worship place because i do not worship, i admire and appreciate and relish the beauty of poetry of life of life of poetry.
Keep up the noble work!
Balraj Cheema
Comment sir u r great , so is kabir , ur work deeply inspires me , i wish it'll be the same for all tose who read tis
Comment Dear Rajender ji,

I appreciate your dedication and hard work that you have put into this research.

Some of Kabir's works are really good.

However, I consider myself as one of the critics of Kabirdas. One of the dohas that I am critical is the above one.

Saying "Oh God" while in distress and praying to God in distress is infact glorifying the God as He has powers and control over everything.

I dont agree that if "sumiran" is done in "sukh", then "dukh" will not occur. Sukh and dukh are inevitable part of life intentionally given by the God. Arent there many people in all the religions of the world who spend their whole time just worshipping the God, yet they also do face hardships.

No offences Sir. But this is my personal opinion. I beleive that sumiran in sukh times gives mental peace and courage to be steadfast during dukh times as well.

I close this comment by once again lauding your special efforts you have put into this blog.!

Jai Hind!
Mohsin Shaikh
Comment Dear Shree Rajender Kishen Jee,
I love your work in

3 Kabir Dohe's I have made as my roadmap on my spiritual path. I chant them
in succession a few times and then I pay total attention to the 'I AM' inside me which also is RAM of Kabir.

1. Chalati Chakki...
2. Dukha Mein.....
3. Kaala Karai so Aaj Kar....

1. Dui Pathan are CRAVING and AVERSION. ( I want this, I do not want that)
2. Jo sukha mein SUMIRAN kare is The one who meditates on SELF at all
times, or The one who has totally surrendered to RAM(ATMAN) and who says
THY WILL. (If one does this , it is known that one goes beyond Sukha and Dukha)
3. Kabir wants every one to do what is recommended in 2 above. And do it now.

Kabir was a SADGURU and his teaching was also directed to guide people to
RAM , or SELF in its deeper sense.
Raj Prabhu
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